64GB MLC Micro SD Card, with Adapter

Full HD Video Recording, Security Cam, Dash Cam, Surveillance Compatible 95MB/s,U3 C10
Gigastone 2-year limited warranty
[10x High Endurance]
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Item No.: GS-2IN1633X-MLC-64GB-B

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  • [10x High Endurance] Designed for Dash Cam and Home Security Camera. Lifespan of Gigastone MLC 10x High Endurance Micro SD card is 10 times longer than normal Micro SD card. Enables 12-year usage with Dash Cam Full HD Video recording (4 hours per day). First choice for constant and massive video recording demand.
  • [Ultra HD Support] Read/Write speed up to 100/65 MB/s, Ultra HD video displaying/recording supported.
  • [Compatibility] Enabling repeatedly video recording, with great compatibility for the application in Dashcam, Security camera, Drone, Surveillance, Camcorder. 1 SD adapters and 1 mini cases included.
  • [Environment] Waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof and X-Ray proof.






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