32GB micro SD Card, Camera Plus, UHS-I U1 A1 Class 10

Micro SD Card 32GB, Camera Plus
For Video Camera, Wyze Cam, Security Camera, Roku, Full HD Video Recording,
UHS-I U1 A1 Class 10, up to 90/20 MB/s, with Adapter
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Item No.: GS-2IN1600X32GB-R

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  • [Full HD] Read/Write up to 90/20 MB/s. Full HD video displaying/recording.
  • [Safely Store] Reserve your Files, Photos, Videos and Music.
  • [Compatibility] Storage for Laptop, Tablet, PC, Smartphones, Camera, e-Reader. Files, Videos, Music
  • [Environment] Waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof and X-Ray proof
  • [Support] Gigastone 5-year limited warranty







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