10000mAh Power Bank Dual USB External Battery Portable Charger

Get the back up charger you need for your outdoor activities or travel with Gigastone Power Bank 10,000mAh Portable Charger
Power Bank 10,000mAh
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  • Dual USB Charging Ports
  • Simultaneous Charging of Two Devices
  • Samsung Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • LED Displays Power Level
  • Protection from Power Surges/Overheating
  • Protection from Short Circuits
  • Automatic Shutdown when Inactive



Gigastone 10000mAh Universal Mobile Charger is a compact unit compatible with most portable electronic devices that can be charged using a USB cable, including tablets, smartphones and more. It features dual USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices, and a micro USB port for input power. Charging two devices will yield a powe



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